Meet The Team


Manish Balamurugan

Chief Executive Officer

Manish Balamurugan is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyphora, where he oversees all strategic and business operations. An avid researcher and social entrepreneur, Manish is currently attending the University of Virginia.


Kathryn Chung

Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn Chung is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hyphora. She manages resources and communicates across different sectors. Having experience with biomedical research at the university level and science olympiad competitions, she wants to share opportunities that students can use to pursue their passions. She is studying biology and entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia on the premed track.


Justin Ortega

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Ortega is Chief Operating Officer and UI/UX Developer at Hyphora. He oversees Hyphora's general operations and designs Hyphora's mobile and web user interfaces. He currently attends the University of Virginia where he is studying Systems Engineering.


David Rudo

Chief Technology Officer

David Rudo is Chief Technology Officer and full-stack developer at Hyphora. With a background in cybersecurity research and software development, he is dedicated to integrating unique technologies for efficient and effective solutions that improve and ensure the quality of the Hyphora digital platform. David is a senior at Centreville High School planning to major in computer science.


Raymond Del Vecchio

Chief Marketing Officer

Raymond Del Vecchio is a graduating senior at Centreville High School looking to study medicine in the future. Throughout high school, he has competed at the national level in Public Forum Debate, instructed Taekwondo weapons, and won awards for scientific research. He hopes that Hyphora will expose students to the means to pursue their passions and learn more through valuable experience, not lectures.


Isabella Dressel

Chief Design Officer

Isabella Dressel is a current Echols Scholar and College Science Scholar studying chemistry at the University of Virginia. She loves sharing her passion for science and helping students discover their interests so they can succeed.